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Chemical Resistant Coatings

Specialized product matching and decades of experience enable us to offer practical, robust and high-performance acid protection, corrosion protection and fire protection coatings for a huge range of applications. Sika’s systems take into account design life, operational requirements, surface design and installation details.


Sikagard®-63 is a solvent free, two part, total solid,
coloured epoxy resin based high build thixotropic protective coating with high chemical resistance. It can be
used on many types of structures or elements such as
cementitious, metallic and epoxy resin binder substrates. The chemical resistant properties provide surface protection from aggressive chemicals that can
cause rapid degradation.
Chemical resistant protective coating on:
▪ Concrete
▪ Stone
▪ Cementitious mortars
▪ Renderings
▪ Epoxy cement
▪ Epoxy resin-based products
▪ Steel

Chemical resistant protective lining for:
▪ Silos
▪ Bund linings
▪ Chemical mixing tanks
▪ Chemical containment tanks
▪ Fuel and oil tanks
▪ Sludge tanks
▪ Industrial chemical areas
▪ Sewage, effluent and waste water treatment


Sikagard®-67 is a water based, solvent free, odourless, epoxy resin protective coating.
Sikagard®-67 may only be used by experienced professionals.
Applied on concrete, rendering, stone, asbestos and cement.
▪ Protective coating against weathering and mild chemical attack in areas such as cantilevers, galleries, retaining walls, basements, workshops, reservoirs and balconies.
▪ Protect cementitious structures against weathering
▪ Resistant to oil and grease
▪ Weather-proof
▪ Mild dew-resistant
▪ Solvent free
▪ Suitable for portable water reservoirs
▪ Easy to apply
▪ Adheres to damp surfaces
▪ Odourless

Sikagard® PU UR (W)

Sikagard® PU UR (W) is a single component, coloured, waterborne modified polyurethane resin based surface coating containing an organic in-film preservative
▪ Coloured seal coating for internal walls and ceilings
For concrete, bricks, cement based and gypsum substrates, metallic surfaces, timber, tiles and plastic
▪Suitable for clean rooms in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Also suitable for food and beverageindustry, hospitals, healthcare facilities, kitchens,
prisons and leisure facilities.
▪ Maintenance layer on existing coatings

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